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C2 Solutions helps clients gain a competitive advantage, no matter the business industry

We have worked across major industry markets to deliver technology solutions - solving complex challenges, transforming and optimizing businesses and building new capabilities. Working across a wide range of industries creates opportunities for applying best practices to create the right outcomes. Our array of experts have specific expertise in each industry and share ideas, methodologies, successes and knowledge across all our teams. That brings more opportunity to disrupt the industry and increase your speed to market. We have provided our expertise to the following industries across all practice delivery areas:

Abstract Structure


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Retail & Consumer

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Medical Technology

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Financial & Insurance

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Manufacturing & Distribution

We leverage learning across industries and jump in when needed to drive product success



Data-Driven Architecture & Advanced Analytics

User Experience Design & Patient Engagement

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Application Delivery


Quality Engineering
& Test Automation


AI, Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning (ML)

Product Lifecycle Management

Cloud & Integration Solutions

Go-to-Market (GTM) & Product Launch Strategy/Execution

Internet of Things (IoT)

Program Management & Business Analysis


Delivering Value

We have had the privilege to work on great projects and capability building opportunities. Below are a few use cases across multiple industries, complexity of solutions and proven results.

Case Studies

App Design

Application Development

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Global Engineering & Manufacturing 

Business Challenge The client needed a software solution for sales associates/field engineers to quickly configure and estimate customized commercial and industrial ventilation systems. The company had unsuccessfully tried to deploy a solution three times with previous vendors. In addition to end-user functionality, the application needed to integrate to manufacturing, planning, inventory control and other systems. ​ Our Approach Based on an in depth analysis we performed the following:​ Expand project management and engage the business with the project delivery team (sales and operations) Modify the project methodology and include more rigorous quality assurance and software testing Design a technology architecture that would improve performance and reduce technology debt (support costs) Conduct the development “in-house” to improve efficiency and help the client with knowledge and skill transfer Complex application developed with .Net platform, featuring a robust calculation engine, full integration to other interdependent systems and. a rich user interface for CRM and features that supported their evolving business needs. ​​ The Result C2 successfully replaced a legacy application that had a high cost of maintenance with a modern, scalable solution. In addition to a lift in business efficiency, competitive market advantage and a fully integrated platform, the new solution created the opportunity for new functionality for the sale of replacement parts which drove an additional revenue opportunity of 20 million dollars annually.

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Data Processing

Business Intelligence

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Health Technology 

Business Challenge Our client had outgrown their data management platform and were handling 6.5 billion data transactions a year. The company had invested in an Oracle Exadata Database, but had not been able to complete the implementation and migration necessary due to lack of internal resources. The Exadata solution also required performance optimization and reporting across the organization. ​ Our Approach C2 provided a current state assessment and, strategic plan with a detailed work plan. Our team of experts worked closely with internal staff to complete the data migration and implement the platform enhancements. Our team of specialized consultants on the project included a Project Manager, Lead Architect, Database Administrators and ETL Developers. We developed the complex application using the Microsoft .NET platform. featuring a robust calculation engine and full integration to other interdependent systems. In addition to the “industrial strength” back-end, the application has a rich user interface for CRM and features that supported their evolving business needs. ​ The Result We successfully moved all the data on time and under budget. Because we had budget dollars left, we were also able to optimize Exadata from its default settings for consistency across environments. The outcome was a successful migration. This success not only allowed the client’s employees to complete their jobs more efficiently, it helped our client connect and share health information faster, which ultimately saves time, money and improves quality of care.

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Colleagues Working in Office

Digital Solution Design

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Global Medical Device

Business Challenge Our client was faced with the challenge of implementing a ground up digital marketing strategy and technology solution selection. They had a broad spectrum of technologies, with little integration and no defined KPI’s or buyer personas. This had impacted compliance and regulatory challenges - affecting their ability to quickly and accurately respond to their marketplace needs. ​ Our Approach The C2 Digital team was hired to develop and design: End-to-End digital marketing strategy with an  ecosystem and solutions to align with compliance, regulatory and business requirements/strategy. Defined requirements for digital marketing solutions and integration implementation into regulatory and compliance solutions. Buyer personas for two channels: Physician/hospital and patient engagement. A plan for integrations into regulatory and compliance solutions to shorten timelines for marketing campaign approvals from 90-120 days to under 30 days. Strategic KPI dashboards to provide management with better data and metric insights to help them make better strategic decisions. Staff training on digital marketing best practices and processes, including compliance and regulatory management and optimizations for their digital teams. ​ The Result We successfully addressed the client’s digital marketing challenges and gaps by creating a digital marketing road map and identifying digital marketing solutions that fit the client’s needs and requirements. The strategies and technologies C2 implemented increased marketing qualified lead success by 30-40% which resulted in an increase in revenue and provided ongoing scalable strategies and solutions.

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Computer Class

Digital Automation

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Financial & Investment

Business Challenge Our client’s new business strategy included a requirement to engage prospects and customers primarily using digital technology. They had invested and deployed a digital solution, however the digital marketing practices were not as effective as desired. The client wanted a deeper understanding of prospect and customer behavior and to improve the way they engaged and interacted with their target market. ​ Our Approach C2 was hired to perform an analysis of the existing digital marketing ecosystem and provide recommendations based on the analysis. Our findings included the following needs: Enhance the digital marketing strategy to align with the business strategy Fully integrate and optimize the digital technology they had deployed Address the skill gaps found with the development and operation of the new technology Establish key performance indicators and create capability to measure and analyze digital interactions Train existing staff on digital marketing best practices and process, this included legacy development, quality and PMO staff that have interdependencies with the digital group The Result  We successfully addressed the client’s marketing and information technology gaps. We helped unify management with a common vision and roadmap of their digital marketing solution. The result is a more effective digital capability and use of technology dollars. Marketing now has critical metrics visible on dashboards and the business leaders are able to make good decisions on programs and tactics. The client has a stronger understanding of customer behavior and has increased percentage of customer acquisitions by 40% and product sales by 80% through the digital channel.

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